Welcome to my site! My name is Aidan, although on VidLii and BitView my username is apreese16. The a stands for Aidan, p stands for Paul (my middle name), and Reese is my last name. So my username is basically just a really shortened version of my name: Aidan Paul Reese, apreese16, the 16 is just a random number I added for some reason. Anyway, I came to VidLii from a KnotSnappy video he had posted on YouTube. Which the reason I was looking for a YouTube alternative is because of a dream I had. I dreamt that there was this really cool site where the community was small, and everything about it was just better. Which is where I found myself looking for the site I had dreamt about. Thus, leading to KnotSnappy's video going over VidLii, although it went by the name VidBit then. I sprang up from my bed, jumped staright to my laptop, and typed. "vidbit.co" and that address redirected to VidLii. VidBit was VidLii's name before Jan, (the creator of the site) had to change the name due to copyright reasons. But then without even thinking, I created my stupid account, named apreese16 on September 23 2017. Yes I can remeber, Im good with dates. But if it weren't for that KnotSnappy video, I would have never joined the site. A special thanks to KnotSnappy and Jan, (actually pronounced "Yhan" since its a German name), for being awesome, and designing the great site known as, VidLii.